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The dilemma of inadequate performance



Act on time benefits employee and manager


Excellent results

What to do if an employee performs inadequately? It is not enough to just state the issues brought forward during an assessment. Structured conversations must be held in order to concretise issues and potential improvements in an improvement plan. All information for this is generally available and every HR department has the necessary experience. In short, everyone knows how to act in case of inadequate performance. Nevertheless, the situation is often handled incorrectly between the manager and the employee, resulting in a failure to achieve the goal of improvement. This leads to mutual frustrations, emotions and loss of productivity. This can create disruption to the working atmosphere, absenteeism due to psychological complaints, conflicts and high costs.


The longer a company waits to intervene, the more difficult it becomes to resolve the situation.


The manager can use to recover productivity of the employee and save on the costs associated with absenteeism, departure and recruitment.
The benefit for the employee is that is aimed towards optimising the employee's talents, and makes sure of an objective and fair chance to retain the employee's position with the help of a coach.


Because the process is meticulous and transparent, the results are excellent: in the vast majority of cases the employee can be retained.


Tech and Touch

On the basis of a digital step-by-step plan in the tool, the manager implements an improvement plan together with the employee. Each step describes in simple language what is expected of the manager. Complex questions are linked with explanations. It is important that the relationship between the manager and the employee is not damaged during the process. This is why requires the manager and employee to engage in a dialogue not only digitally. Each step is discussed in a physical meeting between the manager and employee. therefore ensures that the human touch remains present.

Hybrid coaching

Both the manager and the employee are coached externally by Starting with an intake session, where the method will be explained. Also, they will be prepared on how to have the necessary discussions. The coaching will be tailored to the needs of the particular situation and will be done by video, phone, email or during a physical meeting.






Assistance of the employee through our foundation

“Stichting Mijn Baan” was established to guarantee the employee's independent supervision. The guidance is exclusively focused on the development and the career of the employee. The trainers/coaches of “Stichting Mijn Baan” are trained in the method.








Access, data and security

Access is only possible for authenticated users, using secure login codes. All data that you enter is encrypted and sent to a secure server. Company data and privacy sensitive information of the employee are stored in the Netherlands. The strict European laws and regulations in this area are thereby complied with. can be used on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Up to date

The content of the system is constantly updated by our specialists. You do not have to install updates yourself, because the system does this automatically.

Once in a while you do have to update the app on your smartphone. You can do this in the Apple store or in the Google Play store.



The employee has an own login option, which gives him full access to all information from the step-by-step plan. The employee can see at any time exactly what the current agreements are and the corresponding statuses of implementation. is therefore completely transparent.





If you want detailed information about a presentation from for your organization, mail to: or call to: 0031 (0) 651805504


The rate for the use of includes the use of the digital tool with updates and includes the coaching of the manager and the employee throughout the entire process. You can choose between the rates per plan within, or a rate per month until the improvement process has been completed. This normally takes 6 to 7 months.

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Matters requiring attention for using in your organization

Support from the board/management

For the use of it is essential that this is endorsed by the board/management of the organization and that it is applied in all situations in which structural, inadequate performance is determined.


Moreover, the use of a protocol for inadequate performance is strongly recommended. The protocol defines what structural, inadequate performance is and that an improvement plan must be started immediately in the event of inadequate performance. Objectivity and impartiality are guaranteed within this process.

Co-participation track

A regulation in the field of performance improvement and assessment falls within the scope of the “Wet op de Ondernemingsraden”. If you want to introduce for the entire organization, relevant approval is required.

Presentation of to management, HR and employees

The introduction of takes place within the organization through presentations to management, HR and employees. The use of the tool requires skill in conversation techniques and in SMART formulation. Mprove coaches both the managers and the employees in these areas.


View the most frequently asked questions about here. Click on a question to see the answer.

How do I know how to work with

Before starting to work with, both the manager and the employee are explained the method and are trained in the use of the digital tool.

How do I access works as a web application and as an app in the cloud and is accessible with a personal login code. A login code can be requested from

On which devices can I use works on every computer and tablet with an internet connection. also works on a smartphone. The web application can be used in all common browsers. For the iPhone, all models can be used with the most recent version of iOS. Android 4.4 or higher is required for Android devices.

In which situations can I use can be applied when an employee structurally does not meet the stated job requirements and cannot be maintained in his job without the required improvement.

For which organizations is suitable? is suitable for all organizations, both large and small; both for profit and non-profit.

Does the improvement plan look the same for every employee?

No. During the step-by-step plan, the improvement goals and the way in which they are achieved are always determined on the basis of the answers given in the step-by-step plan. This can be different in all cases.

How long does the improvement process take?

The duration of an improvement trajectory depends on the nature and amount of the improvement goals and the route chosen to reach the goals. This is usually 6 to 7 months. It may also be necessary to extend the improvement plan if the process is interrupted by illness, long vacation or other leave.

Can the improvement process also take less than 6 months?

Yes. Sometimes the nature of the improvement goal means that the goal must be achieved in (much) shorter time. It is also possible that the improvement plan must be canceled because the manager and the employee cannot agree, even after engaging or consulting third parties, and not even after a reflection period. naturally does everything it can to prevent this. Another possibility is that an employee opts for another position within the company at the beginning of the process, or leaves the company either in consultation or not.

How transparent is for the employee?

The employee has his own login option, which means that he always has full access to the step-by-step plan. Just like the manager, he/she can see all the interview reports at any time, what the agreements are and what the status of their implementation is.

What is the role of HR in the use of

Because takes care of the entire supervision of the step-by-step plan, HR has no role to play in that regard. However, questions may arise in the step-by-step plan for which HR can be consulted, such as about the job description, about the possibilities of following education and training and about other positions available. In addition, both the manager and the employee can stay in contact with HR on all sorts of issues, including the improvement plan. HR and the management are periodically kept informed of the progress of the step-by-step plan.

Is my data secure?

All data entered is encrypted and sent to a secure server. The hosting is provided by a specialized Dutch company, making sure that personal data is fully protected in accordance with European privacy rules. To prevent data loss, no information is stored on the computer, tablet or smartphone of the employee or manager. Access is only possible for authenticated users and the use of strong passwords is required. The data will be deleted from the server no later than 3 months after the end of the step-by-step plan.

Can be used in combination with my current business software? can be used independently without requiring any other software. can therefore always be used via an internet browser if an internet connection is present. An API can be supplied to link to your own company software.

What support do I get when using

The supervises the entire process. This means that, at every step, the manager will be assisted in drawing up the interview reports and in formulating the improvement objectives and other agreements stemming from the physical conversations with the employee. In addition, the monitors the progress of the step-by-step plan and reports on it to the employer.


Is there also a Dutch version of

Yes. There is also a Dutch version of When opening a new track, the choice can be made between English and Dutch.

What are the costs of

There are various payment options for using The employer can opt for a fixed amount per improvement plan or for a fixed amount per month and track that is used in Other packages are also negotiable. For more information, contact the team.

Is it possible to use the digital tool without assistance from the finds the training and oversight of the manager and employee essential to and therefore is not offered without the assistance.

Can I first try without further obligations?

Yes. Try yourself and discover which results can be achieved for your organisation. Afterwards you can decide whether you will opt for application throughout the organisation. To do a pilot, contact the for conditions.

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